Installing SherWare on a Server

We recommend running the software from and storing the data on the server. This will allow several workstations to use the same copy of software and data at the same time. The main benefit of this method is that any updates only need to be applied once to the server instead of each individual workstation. To set this up perform the following:
1. Perform a Full install on the server.
2. Perform a Workstation install on each workstation.

If you have any problems opening the software check the following:
1. Is the shortcut set up properly?
  • Right click on the shortcut Icon on the Windows desktop and choose "Properties"
  • The "Target" should point to the executable file on the server. (It will look similar to "\\server\Program Files\SherWare\DMIE\dmie.EXE")
  • The "Start In" should point to the folder that the executable file is stored in. (It will look similar to \\server\Program Files\SherWare\DMIE")

    2. Is the data path set up correctly on the server?

  • Open the software while sitting at the actual server. Open the Company information screen from under the Maintain Menu.
  • The Data Path should be the UNC. A UNC path is accessible by all workstations on the office network. If it is not then change it to be the UNC path. The UNC is the "Universal Naming Convention" which will be in the following format "\\server\Program Files\SherWare\DMIE\sherdata\"

    3. Is the software in demo mode, and says "Demonstration Version"?

  • It will install in demo mode by design. Enter your registration code under the file menu.

    4. Are you getting an error when opening the software that has QBFC anywhere in it?

  • Install the latest QuickBooks Interface from our website.
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