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  1. Allocate expenses evenly

  2. Backup Withholding

  3. Can I create a check for suspense balances without closing?

  4. Can I delete a suspense balance?

  5. Class not registered error

  6. Do I need to backup each time a run is closed?

  7. Does SherWare provide a service to submit my 1099s electronically for me?

  8. DOI does not equal 100% when closing a run

  9. Doing a Force Update

  10. Error 111 (Read Only)

  11. Expense Clearing Account Reconciliation

  12. How are vendor 1099s handled?

  13. How can I release suspense amounts held by an old investor?

  14. How can I turn off the logon screen?

  15. How do I allocate an expense to all working interest and royalty owners at the same time based on gas revenue?

  16. How do I get the address on the 1099‐MISC Replacement form to show through the window of my envelopes. What envelopes do I need to accomplish this?

  17. How do I move the bottom 1099 on a page down or up?

  18. How do I set up owners to be paid even if they fall below the minimum check amount?

  19. How do I submit the electronic file to the IRS?

  20. How do you release all of the minimum amounts for one month so the owners receive these amounts in the December distribution and they are properly reflected on the 1099?

  21. How do you transfer a JIB balance to multiple new owners?

  22. How to add a graphic to a check format

  23. How to change Excel Protection Settings

  24. How to change the Microsoft Excel protection settings

  25. How to determine where revenue closing amount differences are coming from

  26. How to fix reports that print too large or have incorrect margins?

  27. How to get the tool bar to appear

  28. How to increase the size of the price field on the check stub

  29. How to modify the position of information printing on a check

  30. How to re-issue a distribution check under a different bank account:

  31. How to re-issue a vendor check under a different bank account:

  32. How to update QBFC so JIB previous balances show correctly

  33. How to void a check

  34. I entered all of the information for a screen, then when I enter the next set of information the first information entered is missing. Where did it go?

  35. I s there any harm in switching an owner back and forth from a net owner to a JIB owner?

  36. Installing SherWare on a Server

  37. Installing SherWare on a Workstation

  38. Instructions for Editing a Check Format

  39. Less Secure Apps (Gmail setup)

  40. March 2018 Software Update - "Unable to retrieve update"

  41. Negative Production Receipt

  42. OH Form 10 (2018)

  43. Open File - Security Warning

  44. ORLISTQUERYWITHOWNERIDANDCLASS does not evaluate to an object Error when closing a JIB run

  45. Plugging Fund

  46. Print MICR Characters On Blank Check Stock

  47. QuickBooks Parsing Error

  48. Reinstalling SherWare and restoring data

  49. Report Preview Enlarged or Zoomed In

  50. Reports don't work after update (xfrx wrong version)

  51. Revenue and JIB runs

  52. Revenue Clearing Account Reconciliation

  53. Security Permissions For The Executable File

  54. Sending a QuickBooks Backup for Support

  55. Sending a SherWare Backup for Support

  56. Summary of things that affect 1099s

  57. Update 1099 Transmission Files

  58. Vendor Checks Created At Run Closing


  60. What does the message "SherWare has not approved 1099 processing" mean?

  61. What is the deadline to get my information to SherWare if they are filing the 1099s for us? What is the procedure to submit the information to SherWare?

  62. What will happen when Intuit Sync Manager is discontinued in March 2016?

  63. When I open the well information screen (or owner information, enter bills, production receipts, etc.) the screen is just grayed out, and I can't enter any information.

  64. When I try to get into the software, it is asking me for a logon. It didn't do that when I was looking at the demo. How do I get into the system?

  65. Where do I start when setting up my disbursement information to begin using the software?

  66. Where do the 1099 numbers come from?

  67. Where does rounding come from?

  68. Where is the backup stored from the run closing?

  69. Who gets a 1099?

  70. Why are asterisks printing on a report?

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